Founded by Artist, Economist, and Developer Christoffer Wallin in 2015 , Pindify is one of the first functional
 online marketplaces for creators to earn on their work.


The vision originated in 2001 as a side projekt developing a social community, but stems from Christoffer's philosophy that creators deserves their right as a vital part of every society. After Backstage in 2006 that helped local artists get on stage and be promoted with larger headliners, and Jamclouds in 2011 “The collaborative platform for musicians to unite and collaborate in a real-time online studio”, it was time to truly find a solution for creators need to financially be apart of the society merely by working with art, words, film and music. Today after 3 years of growing the vision into strategy and development, the "Creators' Market" Pindify is opening it's gates to encourage the power of the free market under responsibility.