The Pindify Concept 

Be in charge of your own future

We built a marketplace platform to involve everyone while cutting out the old rules of what is possible, making the connection and earning process easier than ever and saving your team time in the process. Manage your account balance wherever, whenever, from your all-new

We decide to include the best aspects of streaming services and social media into account dashboard


In a time where most promotion models for arts & media are likely to have a negative effect on their audience such as ads,  or in-app purchases etc.) our service helps monetize and engage the  audience at the same time. It also does not compromise any of the games’ additional revenue models.The World Wide Web not only changed the industry, it also left creators and indiependant labels with anarchy; by sharing creative work for free on social platforms or earning very small amounts on mainstream distribution-channels. Pindify understood and took the liberty to build what creators really needed: - a market. 


streaming service

(Pandora, Apple Music or Spotify)
The Industry and the traditional media has lost it's spellbound on their consumers' attention. 
Production, publication and distribution are getting a lot cheaper. The industry offers less and looses it's purpose.


Social Media

(Facebook, Snapchat, Google+)
Indie-labels and creators outside the industry promote their work for free on social platforms  and having to fight over pennies on industry distribution services.



Provides a fullstack online marketplace where both creators and supporters are ecstatic. Creators can gather, publish and earn on their work, while supporters are in charge of who get's paid and get close interaction with creators they truly love. 

Pindify Agent

Pindify Agents represent Pindify in a specific geographic region. They are who the Ambassadors report to and liaise with.

We are not currently looking for Pindify Agents, as we have already hand-selected a shortlist of suitable people who will potentially represent Pindify as Agents. We will be releasing Agent contact information in the coming months.

If you would still like to be considered for future opportunities, send us an email, with a few details about why you think you'd make the perfect Pindify Agent.

Contact us, future Agent. Let's make the online world a better place for creatives.


Pindify Ambassador


We are currently looking for Pindify Ambassadors. Interested? Email us & tell us why you think you would make the perfect Ambassador for Pindify and her community.

Generally speaking, a Pindify Ambassador will be well connected at their local level or at a strategic level within the Arts & Media community and network that they are part of. 

At Pindify, we think outside the square, so we always welcome communication from people who think differently too. You don't need to have traditional 'industry' networks and connections to be a Pindify Ambassador. We are disruptors of the industry. There are many different approaches that can be taken to reaching new connections and existing networks and introducing them to the solution that is Pindify. 

Contact us, future Ambassador. Let's make the online world a better place for creatives.

Also see our Careers Page for our current scouting campaign for local City Ambassadors.

General Pindify Supporter

If you love the idea of Pindify (what's not to love?) but don't fit the Agent or Ambassador description, but would still like to help spread the word within the Arts & Media market communities (and further!) then reach out to us. We welcome your support and will always ensure that Pindify rewards those who support her. Contact us, right now! Let's make the online world a better place for creatives.